Flight Training

Nautilus Aviation proudly operates premier flight training facilities across Northern Australia. Covering areas including Cairns, Darwin, Townsville and the Torres straits, our team of professional and experienced instructors are ready to take you to new heights!
As a student of Nautilus Aviation, you are fortunate to have access to diverse training areas which expose students to a wide variety of scenarios e.g. mountain flying, controlled airspace and varying terrain types.
Conveniently located in stunning World Heritage-listed sites such as the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest and the Top End’s Kakadu and Litchfield national parks, Training with Nautilus Aviation is an unmatched experience!
Mindful of transit time to and from local training areas, the school’s head office located at the Cairns General Aviation Precinct allows for initial instruction flights on the airports grassed areas, with advanced training only minutes away.

Nautilus Aviation Flight Training

Our Chief Flying Instructor heads up a team of talented flying instructors with invaluable experience in both teaching and commercial flying. Coupled with the highest standards of instruction, each instructor offers priceless insights into flying opportunities and experiences in ‘real world’ situation.
Nautilus Aviation will train each student in accordance with stringent CASA requirements. The safety standards practised are amongst the highest in the world – resulting in a highly regarded Australian Pilots License worldwide.
Mindful of individual student strengths and shortfalls, the instructing team adapts each teaching program in consultation with each student to allow for the best possible chance of success. Individual tutoring is available to assist with the understanding of theory, as well as support the practical components of training.

“U” Fly

Ever wanted to fly a helicopter? Put on your pilot’s cap and take advantage of this awesome opportunity to fly you own helicopter. Following a session of preliminary instruction in the hangar, this 30 minute training flight gives you the opportunity to take over the controls yourself, under the supervision of an Instructor Pilot from the Cairn Helicopter School.Should you be interested in pursuing a career in this extraordinary field, the total amount of flight time experience within this product can be counted as part of the qualification. This is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities, which definitely should be on the ‘have to do list.

  • 30min air time: $595
  • 1 hour air time: $1190
  • 2 hours air time: $2380

Departs: On demand


  • Minimum age 15years
  • Max weight 120kg
  • English speaking (proficient in English language)
  • Health issues noted
  • Comfortable clothing with enclosed footwear


  • 30min pre-flight briefing on lesson
  • Time with one of our highly trained instructors.
  • Post flight brief approx. 30min