Nautilus Aviation boasts one of the largest helicopter fleets in Northern Australia and, with an impeccable safety record and a team of highly experienced pilots, is equipped to tackle any commercial helicopter service in the region.

Aerial Survey

Aerial surveying provides information that is impossible to obtain from the ground. Over land or sea, our helicopters are a safe and efficient mapping solution for your survey requirements and are fitted with the latest GPS systems, allowing for recorded data to be overlaid onto satellite images or imported to GIS software. We offer the following aerial survey options but are able to tailor our operations to your needs.

  • Weed survey
  • Sea grass survey
  • Mine and geological survey
  • Cultural survey
  • Flora and fauna spotting

Aerial Services and Remote Area Operations

Remote and sometimes isolated, Northern Australia can be a challenging region to work and operate in. Helicopters provide the best mode of transport for accessing these remote areas while ensuring deadlines are met, on budget. Nautilus Aviation has the capacity to conduct a variety of aerial services and remote area operations.

  • Search and rescue
  • Surveillance
  • Feral animal control
  • Aerial incendiary
  • Aerial fire fighting
  • Mining support
  • Geochemical/sampling
  • Pipeline inspection
  • Powerline inspection


The Nautilus Aviation fleet of helicopters provides a smooth and comfortable platform for any film or photographic project. With safety being of paramount importance, our helicopter doors can be removed to provide a clear field of view to ensure unobstructed shots. With a seamless collaboration between pilot and photographer, we can safely manoeuvre into any position to capture the desired shots at the right composition and light. Our satisfied aerial film customers include Tourism Australia, Channel 7 News, Q Weekender, Saturday Disney and Real Housewives.

Sling Operations

Moving equipment and personnel into inaccessible areas is one of the helicopter’s most remarkable abilities. Our helicopters are able to be fitted with long line slings, saving time and money in situations that require precise and efficient transportation of building materials and equipment. Nautilus Aviation pilots also have extensive experience in Bambi Bucket and Kibble Bucket operations in various locations and industries.