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Drone Usage Guidelines


As leaders in the tourism industry, we share a commitment to safety and exceptional customer experiences. This message highlights the importance of safe drone usage whilst helicopters are in operation, due to the significant risk to the safety of everyone involved, and by working together, we can ensure the safety of our customers, pilots, and crew.

We encourage you to:


  • Educate yourselves on safe drone usage guidelines, particularly highlighting the importance of maintaining distance from helicopters.
  • Maintain a safe distance: To remain compliant with CASA drone regulations, drones should not be operated at all whilst helicopters are manned in the area and should be grounded until the helicopter has landed or cleared the area completely.
  • Be aware of airspace restrictions: Certain areas, particularly around airports and other sensitive locations, have designated no-fly zones for drones. Always check local regulations before operating a drone.
  • Fly within visual line of sight: Operators must maintain a clear visual line of sight with their drone at all times. This ensures they can react swiftly to any potential hazards.
  • Communicate with air traffic control: In certain situations, it may be necessary to communicate your drone flight plan with air traffic control. Refer to local regulations for specific requirements.

We understand that drone photography/videography can capture breathtaking aerial views, but safety must always be the top priority. By working together, we can ensure that the skies remain safe for everyone.


Additional Resources:

CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) – Drone Regulations: https://www.casa.gov.au/knowyourdrone/drone-rules

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