Full Day HeliFish

Nautilus Aviation with HeliFish offers full day helicopter fishing tours! (さらに…)


Half Day Helicopter Fishing

The Half Day HeliFish experience will have you hooked with full-on fishing in half the time! Enjoy over an hour of flight time flying alongside the isolated coastline, rivers and billabongs and approximately three hours of fishing in up to three different locations depending on tides, weather and time of day.



HeliFish Pub Crawl – 3 Pub Crawl & Helifish

Looking for a tour that offers a true ‘taste’ of the Territorian lifestyle? Complete with a Half Day HeliFish and door-to-door landings at four handpicked iconic pubs, this tour is for you! Hook yourself a mighty Barra, soak up the local atmosphere with publicans and patrons PLUS enjoy a birds eye views of impressive landscapes including floodplains with expansive wildlife, mangroves, and termite mounds – sightings of pigs, buffalo and crocodiles are not uncommon! (さらに…)