Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

A Commercial Pilot Licence allows you to be paid for flying work, so it’s essential if you intend to make helicopter flying your career. While it’s a big commitment, it opens the door to a world of possible flying jobs, from mustering cattle through to tourism, emergency rescue, flying instruction, exploration and survey, and much more.
To obtain a CPL, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be assessed as having at least Level 4 English Proficiency
  • Hold a current aviation security status check
  • Hold a Class 1 aviation medical
  • Pass the CASA CPL theory examinations (7 separate exams covering the following subjects: Operations, Performance and Planning; Navigation; Aircraft General Knowledge; Aerodynamics; Human Factors; Meteorology; Flight Rules & Air Law)
  • Undergo flying training for the CPL
  • Have at least the following flying hours:
    Type of flying Minimum Hours
    Helicopter Total 125*
    General Flying (Dual) 40
    General Flying (Solo) 25
    General Flying (Total) 35
    Navigation (Total) 25
    Navigation (Solo) 10
  • Pass the CPL flight test

* The 125-hour minimum may be reduced to 105 hours if the last 30 are flown within a 3-month period.

Again, your rate of progress will depend on your individual circumstances, but as a guide, a CPL(H) is likely to approximately end up costing $90,000. *Based on R44 aircraft