Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

A Private Pilot Licence entitles you to operate a helicopter in private operations only, for which you receive no payment or reward. This type of flying can encompass anything from recreation and personal transport to going about work on a rural property or carry non-fee-paying passengers.
To obtain a PPL, you must:

  • Be at least 17 years of age
  • Be assessed as having at least Level 4 English Proficiency
  • If over 18, hold a current aviation security status check
  • Hold a Class 1 or 2 aviation medical
  • Pass the CASA PPL theory examination (a single exam which covers the following subjects: Operations, Performance and Planning; Navigation; Aircraft General Knowledge; Aerodynamics; Human Factors; Meteorology; Flight Rules & Air Law)
  • Undergo flying training for the PPL
  • Have at least the following flying hours:
    Type of flying Minimum Hours
    Helicopter total 50
    General Flying (dual)* 20
    General Flying (solo)* 10
    General Flying (total) 35
    Navigation (total) 15
    Navigation (solo) 6

    * Dual flying means flight with an instructor; solo flying is a flight by yourself as a pilot in command (PIC).

  • Pass the PPL flight test

The rate at which you progress through your flying training will depend on your individual aptitude, time and financial constraints (how often and how consistently you can fly), but most importantly, how much effort you put into your preparation, so the total time and cost to get your licence will vary. As a guide, though, a PPL licence will cost approx $50,000.*Based on the R44 aircraft.