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Romantic Getaways in Darwin: Where to Go and What to Do

For romantic getaways, Darwin is definitely one destination you’ll want to add to your bucket list. The region is quickly becoming one of Australia’s favourite spots for outdoor adventures. This post will be taking a look at just 4 fantastic things you can do as a couple in Australia’s Northern Territory that will give you fond memories for the rest of your life.


#1 – Experience Kakadu National Park

Romantic Getaways Darwin

Kakadu National Park is one of the most coveted destinations to see and explore in all of Australia. The best way to experience this vast wilderness wonderland is from the air via helicopter, sweeping over the mountains, plains and canyons.

The tour involves an incredible 3 hours of flight time and you’ll land midway through to enjoy a lunch break before embarking on a 90 minute river cruise. Onboard the cruise, you’ll see crocodiles,  Magpie Geese and Sea Eagles, to name a few.

During your flight, you’ll pass over the magnificent Alligator River region, Adelaide and Mary rivers and West Arnhem Land. This is a unique experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life and be sure to go armed with a camera or camera phone.

Check out the details here.


#2 – See Darwin From The Air

Romantic Getaways Darwin

You can see a lot of Darwin and surrounding areas in 30 minutes when you do it from the air. That’s exactly what you’ll experience on a Darwin scenic flight.

Starting and finishing in Charles Darwin National Park, you’ll liftoff and embark on a half hour circuit flight that takes in all the sights of Darwin, including the waterfront, city centre and some stunning wilderness areas. You’ll even see some historical fortifications at the East Point Reserve as you pass overhead. A helicopter experience is the best way to take in so much scenery in a short space of time.

Learn more about this amazing scenic helicopter flight.


#3 – Visit The Litchfield Waterfalls

 romantic getaways Darwin

Litchfield Waterfall

This incredible Darwin romantic getaway features a 60 minute scenic flight that takes in all the sights of this National Park region, where you’ll be swooping down over a number of different waterfalls that dot the landscape. About midway through the flight, your chopper will land at a stunning waterfall location, where you’ll spend an hour enjoying lunch and exploring the area. The water is safe and cool, so you can even go in for a refreshing swim.

One major advantage a helicopter has over a plane is the field of view. Oversized windows enable couples to see everything below them as the chopper sweeps across the landscape. It makes taking quality photos a breeze too.

Want to visit Litchfield Waterfalls?


#4 – Dine By The Waterfront


You and your partner will be spoilt for choice when you choose to dine out in Darwin’s picturesque waterfront precinct. It doesn’t get any more romantic than this. This is an area of the city that is loaded with fantastic restaurants, trendy bars, a wave pool and man-made beach and some fantastic scenery.

You will have your pick of restaurants to choose from, where you can dine indoors or out in the open air. There is something to suit everyone’s cravings. If you’re a couple looking for a romantic getaway in Darwin, then the waterfront precinct is a must.


Start Planning Your Romantic Getaway In Darwin

Darwin has evolved into a romantic destination for couples looking for outdoor adventures. If you and your significant other are looking for a destination for your romantic getaway, Darwin needs to be on your bucket list.

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