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+61 (0)7 4034 9000

Covid-19 SAFETY

The safety of our passengers, crew and aircraft is our number one priority, at all times, without exception. Every member of our team is committed to looking after the wellbeing of each other and our passengers.

To mitigate the risk of Covid-19, Nautilus Aviation has:

  • Required all staff to complete the training module as provided by the Australian Government covering the fundamentals of infection prevention and control for Covid-19.
  • Required all staff to follow strict personal hygiene protocols; and MUST NOT attend work if presenting with symptoms of illness.
  • Enhanced cleaning of premises and aircraft with a focus on high contact areas and implemented a range of additional safety measures to create a COVID-SAFE environment for our passengers, commercial clients, visitors, contractors and our team members.

To mitigate the risk of Covid-19, upon arrival at our bases visitors:

  • Are required to wear a mask to fly when mandatory at our bases as per Government directives.
  • Are required to be screened with a non-invasive thermal imagery device to detect body temperature.
  • Are required to practice good respiratory hygiene (including covering both nose/mouth when coughing/ sneezing) and may be asked to leave the premises and seek medical advice if presenting with any symptoms of illness.  Visitors who fall ill in the days before their flight are asked to contact Head Office to reschedule.
  • Are required to practice social distancing, limit their movement within the premises and may be asked to wait outside in order to maintain physical distancing requirements.
  • Are encouraged to use provided hand sanitisers (sanitising wipes are also available).
  • Are encouraged to use contactless payment options.
  • Are informed by signage highlighting Covid-19 approved and required practices.

Our policies and practices are based on State, Territory and Federal Government advice and regulations and are updated in accordance with the most-up-to date recommendations.  With bases in the Northern Territory and Queensland, Nautilus Aviation follows the guidance provided by Northern Territory Department of Health, Queensland Health and Australian Government Department of Health, and are operating in accordance with both the Northern Territory and Queensland Tourism Industry COVID-SAFE requirements.

For further information, please contact Head Office on [email protected] or +61 7 4034 9000.  To view the COVID-SAFE plans of our partnered tour operators, please contact the operator directly.

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